Formative and Summative Meta-Evaluation

Meta-evaluation is the process of examining and synthesizing multiple evaluation reports to judge the credibility and usefulness of the findings.
Formative meta-evaluation is done during the planning of an evaluation or while it is in progress.

Summative meta-evaluation is done after an evaluation is complete and points out the strengths, weaknesses and merits of the evaluation.

Tinogona Consulting is well experienced with the use of meta-evaluation to assess the merit of findings and conclusions of any work established in your organization. We can apply the meta-evaluation methodology to evaluation reports (internal and external), research, project proposals, training reports and determine the merit of the findings and conclusions. More importantly, metaevaluation will increase confidence in accuracy of the evaluation system within your organization.

 Tinogona Consulting can assist you with:

Formative meta-evaluation

  • To determine what needs to be improved and enhanced in your program
  • To determine areas of potential growth and development

Summative meta-evaluations

  • To carry out analysis and synthesis of multiple projects and evaluation findings and conclusions
  • To focus on the results of your program evaluation
  • To address accountability aspects of your program